How to Get the SIS Mirage 1 Graphics Chip to Work with Ubuntu

I finally had enough of Windows on my office machine and decided to go to Linux to make life less stressful. Ubuntu was my natural choice as I am familiar with it and that it is a dam good distro for the masses with plenty of support. I thought, cautiously, that the installation would go without a problem. Given how tight the people were that gave me the budget for the machine I should have been clever enough to know it would have the cheap SIS chipset in.

Normally with Linux distros you want a mainstream chipset, Intel or NVidia for example.Anyway to get to the point! If you have a SIS onboard graphics chip, your likely to be having issues! I know this work around works for the Mirage 1 (SIS662), though not ideal it will at least make your machine usable whilst you look into the second suggestion I have here. Open up your terminal and run xorg: 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

This will start the xorg configuration process. In the first question you can choose the option ‘VESA’, do it! Follow the rest of the steps answering to the best of your knowledge and then you need to reboot. Upon reboot you are likely to be free of the vertical horizontal lines that were probably plaguing your screen like they were mine!The second suggestion I had is at Dr. Thomas Winischhofers website. I have not yet had time to work through this, though I have read reports of people having success with it. I will report more if I get any success.