IPad Only: Introduction

Alongside my Taking the Straight Line series, I am starting my iPad Only series. I'd been creating an iPad Only e-book for well over a year now, but with the release of the iPad Pro I think this arena is really starting to hot up.


So why would I want to write a series about iPad Only? One day I looked at all my devices, all being the key word. I have a Macbook Pro (Mid 2012), iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air 2. All great devices, but thats almost £4-5000 worth of kit and Apple shows little sign of slowing down its product cycles. It made me think, is it possible to use just one of these devices for all my needs? Since the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, i'd say my iPad use has declined by almost 80%. There was a similar trend when I got my first iPad in the decline of my MacBook usage. So if I was looking at purely my personal life, I could most likely get away with the iPhone 6 Plus only. However, I also have a professional life where I am tied to a Windows 7 Machine. At work I need to read and review documents, create documents, e-mail and all the other day to day typical corporate tasks. I probably could manage this all on the iPhone 6 Plus, but with the release of iOS 9 and the iPad only features (to the current date) of Picture in Picture (PIP) and Split Screen, there are advantages of using the iPad.

NOTE: When Apple finally reads my 2012 feedback to have an iPhone powerful enough to use iOS when undocked but OS X when docked at a desk then all this will be a moot discussion.

So, an iPad appears to be the baseline device that most people could utilise as their sole device. It won't work for everyone, and that is not the intent of this series. However, for those interested in the topic this series may provide useful. So here goes, a blog series about my journey to moving 100% iPad only both personally and professionally. The iPad is a great platform, good form factor, great battery life and a good OS environment let's see how it fairs.